"The Volunteer helps the students reduce their knowledge gaps, and really assist me".

High school teacher


Shiur Acher (‘A Different Lesson’) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002 to promote equality and encourage meaningful civic involvement in the Israeli public school system.

Since that time, we have developed several unique models that enable mutually-beneficial collaboration between different sectors (private, educational and social), working closely with the Israeli Ministry of Education, local municipalities and educational bodies.

Aided by thousands of volunteers, we provide original high-quality supplemental education to hundreds of schools across Israel; creating new opportunities for children throughout the country.

Encountering Shiur Acher volunteers from different backgrounds and disciplines enables students to meet potential role models and experience different facets of Israeli society, while exposing them to new areas of interest that may open more paths in their lives and expand their horizons.



"I was really keen to learn more about the subject, I would like to understand high-tech like they do".



Shiur Acher provides a professional scalable support platform that guarantees success.  It includes identifying the right schools, training volunteers, and developing enrichment programs and pedagogic curricula, backed by monitoring and logistical support.  

We bring together industry and business professionals, teachers and students through various programs:

Shiur Acher Enrichment Courses

Volunteering through the workplace (business, public or academic sectors).

Groups of employees from different professions across the business world and the public sector take part in delivering enrichment courses in schools that serve underprivileged children.  

Students, who typically wouldn’t have an opportunity to meet with engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, economists, journalists or other business professionals in their day-to-day lives, are introduced to different career options and meet with potential role models.

Volunteers, who work as a team within the framework of their workplace, deliver an enrichment course in their field utilizing Shiur Acher’s professional course curriculum.

Shiur Acher enrichment courses are typically composed of 12 weekly sessions, take place within school hours in the presence of a teacher, and culminate in a special activity day and a visit to the sponsoring organization's offices or production facilities. 

"I learned that you can succeed, regardless of your background" Student

Teach Together

.Individual volunteers join students and a teacher in the classroom to help advance Math, Sciences (STEM fields) and English studies

.The program integrates high quality support instructors in the educational system in order to encourage 9th to 11th grade students to choose, persist and succeed in enhanced Math, Physics and Chemistry majors

.Following the program's success, and with the support of the Embassy of the USA, it is now being expanded to include English studies for 6th to 9th grade students to maximize individual student success and motivation

.The program is designed for professionals from relevant industries that can bring added value to the classroom, sharing their know-how and experience, and enhancing the learning process and environment

.Hundreds of Shiur Acher support instructors are currently volunteering in Teach Together programs, playing an essential role in encouraging students and assisting teachers across the country  

"By joining the class for a lesson together, I was able to make the kids realize that they can do it." Teach Together Volunteer




Thank you for your interest in Shiur Acher.

You can contact us by e-mail or call us at: 052-6208370.